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Preparing and Positioning
them for the future.

We offer six different programs that focus on
self-discovery and personal development. 

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Middle and high school students will be able to attend college tours, go on field trips, receive assistance with resume building, interview workshops, and gain assistance with applying for scholarships. They will assist with  facilitating the Annual UP NEXT youth summit where partial proceeds will go towards their college dorm essentials. 



Discovery Zone

Youth will begin to invest time in learning about themselves through personal and professional assessments. Through this journey, we hope to encourage positive self-esteem and image. A strong identity rooted in understanding your heritage, family history, gifts, talents, abilities, morals, and values will help satisfy the cravings for clarity. It will also give our youth a sense of direction.


Young in Business

Our youth will learn how to create vision and a strategy for business success in the 21st-century. Our youth will learn relevant life skills while starting their own businesses and have access to workshops, financial literacy,  mentorship, and a curriculum that prepares them for success in the real world.


Educated 4 Life

Students from culturally or economically disadvantaged homes will be able to access tutoring and education coaches to improve their academic performance, graduate with higher graduation rates, and enroll in college.


Leadership 4 Life

Leadership training prepares youth to manage time, work in a team setting, set goals, initiate conversations, facilitate meetings, and make effective presentations, all of which are positive life skills they'll carry into adulthood.


All Fathers

80% of the youth males in our program do not have fathers at home. The Dads in our program are Male Mentors who will prove to be tremendous role models in nurturing, loving, leading, and building lasting relationships in our community in hopes to reduce juvenile crimes.  


Girls Empowered

Through our Girls Empowered program, we empower young girls to believe in themselves by helping them develop the skills, confidence, and resources they need to stand up for themselves and make positive decisions in life.  

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