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Their Purpose is 



    The Brooke Jenkins Dream 360 Center is a non-for-profit organization located in the heart of Downtown Orlando Florida. Our goal is to empower and inspire at-risk youth to dream for their future regardless of their current life situations or circumstances. Through our self-discovery enrichment programs, we hope to help our youth clearly define their purpose, build strong character traits, leadership skills, and positive self-awareness.


     We desire to help our youth reach their full potential and make a positive impact in their community. Youth development programs are so important, because we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. 

About Us

We have


Our Mission

Our mission is to service at-risk youth by offering a safe environment that will empower them to believe in their dreams and take responsibility for their futures. We accomplish this through self-discovery enrichment programs, education achievement, cultural enrichment, leadership development, and mentorship.


Our Founder

Renette Clark, the Founder of the Brooke Jenkins Dream 360 Center has always had a passion to see the lives of at-risk youth transformed through support and guidance. Growing up as a youth in the inner city of Orlando Florida, she never had a safe place where she felt she could grow into her adolescent years with positive influences and a hope for her future. Those precious adolescent years were met with violence, disappointment, and negative influences which led her down a path of statistical facts. For seven years she sought after creating a safe place for youth that grow up in at-risk environments just like her. An empowerment center where kids who were under privileged would find leaders, mentors, motivational speakers and a community that would support their dreams through the highs and lows of life. On October 13th, 2019 that dream came true.

“I dream 360 because every child has permission to dream even if there’s dreams are bigger than the world can imagine.”
- Renette Clark.

In loving memory of Brooke D. Jenkins, her dear sister, who was murdered December 19, 2018, Renette wanted to honor her name and legacy. Brooke too grew up at-risk and became a teenage mother at 16. Although she struggled to finish high school, she was able to persevere and break the generational cycle, becoming the first business owner in her family with two successful tax offices and was in the process of preparing to open her first childcare center. Brooke had a passion to support and uplift individuals to believe in themselves by motivating and supporting youth, single mothers, and small businesses within her community. She gave so much to see change. She was becoming the change she wanted to see. Today we have the privilege and the opportunity to pick up where she left off by impacting the lives of young people through love, hope and service.


In loving Memory of Brooke Jenkins 12/26/1988- 12/19/2018

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